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How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches In House

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Wood Roach

Wood roaches, also known as water bugs or rather tree roaches are exceptionally popular household pests in the United States. Typically reddish brown in color, wood roaches form one of the largest species of cockroaches and although they do not bite or sting, they can be very unsettling not to mention the fact that they are particularly good at leaving behind them endless trails of roach droppings. To get rid of wood roaches in house, one does not need the help of a bunch of professional exterminators. As a matter of fact, that just does not make sense. As a homeowner, you should be able to get rid of the wood roaches in house you might have. They are hardly snakes, are they? Even snake control can be done by homeowners, why not roach control?

Prevention of wood roaches in house

1. Water bugs, as you most probably already know, thrive outdoors and they only invade homes when they need to feed themselves. If you are not happy about having wood roaches in house, all you need to do is make sure they can’t get in. This will require you to check your home for cracks or else openings. In particular, you should pay attention to areas such as your bathroom as well as your kitchen.

2. When you are done targeting the cracks and crevices around your home, these will need to be caulked using an appropriate material such as concrete. If you happen to own an attic, you should note that wood roaches in house sometimes introduce themselves using the openings in attics so these will need to be screened as well.

3. Last but not least, when you are done sealing the entrances to your home, dust a thin layer of boric acid powder along cracks. For people who are not aware of this, boric acid is a chemical substance which dehydrates and kills wood roaches in house. You might also wish to take into consideration the fact that wood roaches in house thrive in moisture. If you have plumbing malfunctions at your place, these need to be fixed. Always keep your home dry and cool.

Elimination of the wood roaches in house

1. To eliminate the wood roaches in house, you can choose to make use of what are known as roach baits in areas where infestations have been noticed. This will generally include locations such as the area underneath your kitchen sink or else the space behind your washing machine or even your dryer for that matter.

2. Alternatively, you can also make use of a cockroach spray. Cockroach sprays are very popular chemical pest control products these days and they are readily available online as well as in the many offline stores.

3. Last but not least, to get rid of the wood roaches in house, one can choose to utilize a cockroach fogger of some kind although this control method should only be considered in the event that the roach infestation in your home turns out to look really bad.

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Some Wood Roach Control Facts

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Roaches are familiar pests that come in a variety of species. Some of them thrive indoors while others are strictly outdoor creatures. Wood roaches are an outdoor species of cockroach native to North America and are a common sight in some areas. They are generally about two inches long and are brown or tan in color. Wood roaches are capable of flight and may emit a foul smelling secretion when threatened. While they will generally stay outside, there are some tips home owners can use regarding wood roach control.

If you have a problem with wood roaches you may have thought about hiring an exterminator. There isn’t much an exterminator can do, however, so you can save a lot of money by taking care of wood cockroach control by yourself. These bugs are outdoor creatures and don’t thrive inside but might venture indoors when the weather gets colder. There are some effective wood roach control products you can purchase on the internet and applying them around the outside of doors and windows can help keep them out.

Wood roaches prefer being outside in a moist environment. Their favorite places are under wood piles and in decaying logs. Most sprays and dusts designed for use against household roaches won’t help with wood roach control. Effective outdoor wood roach control methods begin with moving wood piles away from the home and clearing your property of any decaying logs. Wood roaches live and breed in these areas so if you use firewood you should store it outside and only bring it in when you’re ready to burn it.

Wood roaches generally breed in May and June. Male wood roaches fly around looking for a mate and are attracted to light. Limiting the use of porch lights during these months can also help you in your efforts at wood roach control. As the weather gets cooler, wood roaches may be tempted to take refuge indoors but this is not an ideal habitat for them so indoor wood roach control isn’t a big concern. If you find one inside, you can pick it up and take it back out.

Roaches are a common insect in many areas but are generally harmless and don’t cause any damage. If you’re concerned about wood roach control then you should make sure your property is clear of all rotting wood. You can apply wood roach control products to the outside of doors and windows to ensure that they won’t get inside. The most important thing to remember with these bugs is that hiring an exterminator will do very little other than cost you money.

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